CrimeReport (IOS/Itunes) 

CrimeReports gives you real-time access to neighborhood level crime and sex offender information. The CrimeReports app is your window into the largest crime mapping and sex offender website in the world. The CrimeReports app gives you access to official crime information for over 1200 participating law enforcement agencies across North America and sex offender data for all 50 US states. As a bonus, if you

CrumbTracks (IOS/Itunes) 

The first iPhone app that allows you to store, organize, annotate and share photos AND VIDEOS you take during your search for a new home. Taking photos and video during your home buying process is a great way to remember what you saw and communicate to your realtor your likes and dislikes. Create a file for each property and store details such as address, asking price, SF, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, garage spaces, etc. Within each file, there are sections to store photos, video and make notes.Use the Map button to give you directions from your current location to the property and see nearby parks, schools and water towers. There is also a file for Design Gallery. Let's face it, not every home you look at is "the one", but may have something about it you like. Snap a photo of what caught your eye and store it here for future reference. Use the mortgage calculator to quickly estimate monthly payments on the spot.

GreatSchools (IOS/Itunes)

How good are the schools in your community? Find out with the GreatSchools Finder. Locate and map nearby elementary, middle, and high schools or search listings across the U.S. View detailed ratings, reviews, and test scores from GreatSchools - the nation's most trusted independent source of school performance information for over a decade. Now you can use GreatSchools on the go. Whether you're a parent, real estate professional, or education researcher, finding great schools is now at your fingertips. For iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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